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Counselling and Hypnotherapy Services
My name is Tracy Vaughan and I'm here to help you improve your life.
Sometimes in life we may feel lost, struggle with feelings of sadness, depression, worry or anxiety.  We may be having difficulty coming to terms with losses in our lives, don't know where to turn in times of trouble or just need someone to listen to and understand us.
The fact that you are visiting my website shows you are ready to take control and have made the first positive step to finding out how to do that. 
I hope you enjoy browsing my website for more information.

"The results have been amazing, I no longer suffer from stage fright"

"My life and myself are back on track thanks to the wellbeing counselling."


"Thanks to Tracy I have been able to get my life back and I cannot thank her enough."

Please contact me if you have any questions or to make an appointment, using the contact details below or click on the links on the right.



​​Tel: 07732 460178

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