Tracy Vaughan

BSc (Hons) Psych, Ad. Dip PsyC, Cert. Hyp CS,  

MNCS Accred

After spending years working in the corporate world as a legal secretary I felt I had more to give and that I would like to do something more rewarding that would benefit others.  I have always been interested in psychology and why people behave in the way they do, so I decided to embark on a part time degree course in psychology.  Having been out of the academic environment for some years, going back to school was a bit of a shock to the system, but I loved it! 


My main reason for pursuing the route of psychotherapeutic counselling was that I had seen several friends and family members get so much from the counselling environment and could see how it can change lives for the better.  During my counselling training I was introduced to hypnotherapy and, after some initial trepidation, I discovered how fantastic it is and realised it is an excellent additional tool to really help people.  So here I am!  

I am an integrative counsellor using a person centred core model.  This enables me to provide the most appropriate support for your individual needs using a range of counselling theories, models and techniques.  I have experience with adults, teenagers and children. 

I am also a member of the National Counselling Society and am governed by their code of ethics.  You can find full details at:


Professional Standards Authority accredited

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