We are all individuals and we all experience the world around us differently.  Because of this it is not possible to give exact timescales for treatment.  


Fees and number of sessions required vary depending on the issues and circumstances involved, we can discuss this during your free initial telephone consultation. 



Sessions are £45 for 50 minutes.


Single sessions are £55 and most sessions are 50-60 minutes duration unless otherwise stated. Some issues may be dealt with in one session, others may take more time.  The following examples are a guideline but note that these are subject to your individuality.

Weight loss: approximately 3-6 sessions.

Quit smoking £200 includes a two hour session plus a 50 minute reinforcement session after 3 weeks. 

Phobias: approximately 1-5 sessions

Confidence building: 1-5 sessions

Regression work: 5-10 sessions

Feel more in control and enjoy life to the full
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