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"I was lucky enough to be introduced to Tracy's counselling services through my doctor following suicidal episodes and bouts of depression.  I have had regular weekly sessions and over the few months I have learned not to blame myself for everything.  It's OK not to be OK.  Life can be unfair but it's how you deal with it that matters.  Tracy is supportive and often suggests strategies for coping.  She is professional, polite and has helped me no end.  I have already recommended her to others and would highly recommend her services.  My life and myself are back on track thanks to the wellbeing counselling.  Thank you Tracy."

Ms W

"I always tell people, the surgeon may have fixed me but Tracy healed me!"

Mrs T


"Thanks to Tracy I have been able to get my life back and I cannot thank her enough. 

It's crazy how much anxiety took over my everyday life but thanks to her sessions, patience and reassurance I've been able to get back to doing what I love"

Miss S

"My daughter has just had a tooth extraction after having hypnotherapy with Tracy.  Something we never thought would happen before her treatment.  I can't thank or recommend Tracy highly enough."

Mrs W

"I've never had an operation before and was really nervous. It was a totally irrational fear, and no matter how I  tried to control it nothing seemed to work. 

When one of my friends suggested that hypnotherapy could help I was quite dubious but wanted to give it a try. After just 3 sessions with Tracy I felt calm and completely different about my impending operation. The usual anxiousness when anyone spoke about it completely went away, and even on the day I felt in control and calm. I'm really pleased I went to see Tracy, her time completely helped me get through it. Would highly recommend her." 

Mr M

"Tracy gave me my first experience of Hypnotherapy after I consulted her for confidence boosting when I had to speak publicly for work, firstly I was impressed with Tracy’s calming manner and when we started she very soon guided me into a completely relaxed state. While I was under Hypnosis I was always aware of what was happening and able to stop at any point.

The results have been amazing, I no longer suffer from stage fright when I have to publicly speak and I have been complemented on my relaxed speaking style, this is in complete contrast to the nervous wreck I was before Tracy’s treatment. The Hypnotherapy has had the added bonus of giving me more confidence in everyday life as well and I now have a new job which I would not have even applied for before I met Tracy.

When she asked me to write this I was more than happy to recommend her excellent services."

Mr S

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