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So what is hypnosis?

Let me start by reassuring you that hypnosis used in the therapeutic context is different from the stage hypnosis you may have seen on TV. Whilst the basic theory is the same, stage hypnosis is for entertainment purposes whereas hypnotherapy is the use of the hypnotic state to empower you and facilitate any positive changes you wish to make.  

The hypnotic state is a trance-like state of enhanced awareness.  You are not asleep and are aware at all times - a bit like daydreaming.  You are in control and can come out of this state at any time.  Your hypnotherapist is there merely to guide you in your self-hypnosis. You will not get "stuck in hypnosis" and you will not be made to do anything you do not want to do. 

During hypnosis the conscious mind is suppressed and the subconscious mind is free and open to the positive suggestions made during the session.  Like the hidden part of an iceberg, your subconscious mind makes up around 90% of your thought processes and is where most of your decisions are made - it holds all your memories and experiences from your life.

Often our subconscious mind is holding on to some information that is no longer useful to us and can make our lives difficult.  Some learned behaviours or conditioned responses can be detrimental or even harmful to us.  Under hypnosis these detrimental thoughts and ideas can be reprogrammed or replaced with more positive and beneficial thoughts to improve your life in many ways, such as to eradicate fears, relieve anxiety, stop bad habits and encourage good habits and increase self-esteem.

If you are struggling with anything in your life, from quitting smoking, building confidence or fear of spiders through to sports performance or exam nerves, hypnotherapy can help you.

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